Friday, October 19, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 9: Discovery & Influence 發現與影響 (原文為英文,後加中文翻譯)


Nearly all my teachings about NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching and Facilitation are revolving around a major concept of mine, Discovery & Influence
They are the 2 far ends of the spectrum of thinking and communication. You cannot discover and influence at the same time as they are at the 2 extremes.  
Coaching is at the far end of Discovery. We help others to discover without giving any directions and advice. It is a form of pure discovery. It is easy for the coach, but harder for the coachee. Therefore coaching is actually a study of making discovery easier
Persuasion is on the other hand, at the far end of Influence. It is hard for the persuaders while easy for the one being persuaded. 
From the NLP point of view, Discovery is helping people to recover the Deletions, Distortions and Generalizations in their thinking. Influence is purposefully deleting, distorting and generalizing the thinking of people so as they will agree with you. 
Suggestions-Based Hypnosis is a kind of Persuasion. We delete, distort and/or generalize clients' thinking. Facilitation is in between Discovery and Influence. We lead our clients to think using suitable structures so as to gain results faster and easier. Transformation Hypnotherapy (SOBER Therapy) is Facilitation, which is done under trance with the unconscious thinking. 
小弟幾乎所有關於 NLP、催眠、教練和輔引的教學,都圍繞著小弟的一個主要概念—發現影響
NLP 的角度來看,發現幫助人們恢復他們思維中的刪除、扭曲和概括影響卻是刻意地刪除、扭曲和概括人們的想法,以便他們同意你。
建議式催眠 Suggestions-Based Hypnosis 是一種說服,我們刪除、歪曲及/或概括對方的想法;輔引 Facilitation 介於發現和影響之間,我們引導客戶考慮使用合適的結構,以便更快、更易地獲得成果;轉化催眠療法(SOBER Therapy)則是一種輔引,一種在無意識思維的入神狀態下完成的輔引學問。
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