Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Learning from Life: #111 - #115


Another set of my Learning from Life:

111. Life experience, no matter good or bad, we can learn something from it.

112. If I want to request something from others, I try it on myself first.

113. We can choose to be happy or sad!

114. I can bring joy to others or I can also bring hatred and sorrows. I have the power to choose.

115. Knowing something and really knowing something is different!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Personal Development: Explore, Exceed & Excel


You might notice that I had added "Explore, Exceed & Excel" into my email signature in the past 2 months.

Someone asked me my definitions of these 3's. Here are my answers:

Explore: Go where you haven't gone before and see what you haven't seen before.

Exceed: Then you will find something beyond your original boundary. Do something exceeding that boundary.

Excel: Then, you get out of your own cell (i.e. prison) and set yourself free from your past territories! (Excel = Ex-Cell). What's next? Explore again!

This is just my Model of Excellence. Hope you will find it interesting.

Explore, Exceed & Excel

My Point of View: 八十有餘,積善延續




Explore, Exceed & Excel

Facilitation: Willing, Able, Ready, Like, Eager & Commit


Why does someone says he/she wants to do something but he/she does not actually do it? Or why can't you make someone doing something?

Consider this scale of Willing, Able, Ready, Like, Eager & Commit.

If that someone is not willing, able or ready for that something, he/she just can't do it! (Willingness, Ability & Readiness are 3 different, separate things. One can be able and ready but not willing to do something!) These 3's are the basic considerations. These are about Condition. If someone doesn't has these 3's, he/she cannot move.

Then it comes the 2nd part of the scale, Like, Eager & Commit. One will not commit if he/she doesn't like and/or eager to do something. These 3's are about Motivation. If one doesn't has these 3's, he/she will not move!

It is useless to motivate someone or yourself if he/she/you is not yet willing, able and ready. But we are doing so all the time. If you push him/her/yourself, one will either feel being offended (when one is not willing), or one is being "forced" to do that something but fail to do it (when one is not being able or ready). Either case will demotivate him/her/yourself and makes further motivation even more difficult!

Many people come to me telling me that they have a motivation problem. But most of the time, it is not about motivation. That someone is just not being willing, able and/or ready yet! This makes so many efforts in motivating useless or temporary!

There are different tactics for these 6's. Using them appropriately and you will get the result!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coaching: Intention & Attention


What makes Coaching different from other means of helping people?

Coaching helps others discovering their blindspots of thinking, then they can improve by themselves! Coaching creates low co-dependency!

Then, why we have blindspots?

I'd studied the mechanism of blindspots for years and I have over a dozen of sources of blindspots. I like the Intention & Attention Mechanism most.

When we intend to do or get something, we focus our Attention to it and to what it related to. Then we can miss everything outside our attention. This creates the blindspots!

Real masters and gurus do not have any specific intention and so they do not focus their attention to anything particular. They have less blindspots and see thing with more clarity!

There is a paradox here. If we do not have any Intention, we might end up achieving nothing. But when we intend to get or do something, we generate blindspots, which block our way to achievement!

Let's talk more about this paradox later.

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Announcement: Personal Retreat 2007 & 2008


I'd been back from my Personal Retreat.

This year we have nearly 60 friends joining us together to review and preview.

It is exciting because we have friends from Hong Kong, Macau, 中山 and 廣州. This is a 省港澳中 gathering!

I have fixed the dates for 2008's Retreat. It is on Jan 26-27 2008. If you want to join us next year, mark your calendar now!

It is going to be something different, bigger, more exciting, and more in depth and breadth reviews and previews for your life!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Learning from Life: #106 - #110


Here is another five of my Learning from Life.

106. Start saving early. The earlier you start your savings, the quicker and bigger the pay-off. Save whatever!

107. Make journaling a habit. Write it on a diary or write it as a blog. If we can learn from our experience, it is meaningless if we forget them all!

108. We gain because of our capabilities. We lose because we lack discipline.

109. Something you already have can be better than something out there.

110. Experimenting something new! It doesn't take you too much risks if it is just an experiment.

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Personal Development: Refresh, Recharge & Retreat


Today is my first day of Personal Retreat. Every year, I conduct Personal Retreat with some of our classmates.

Why do I do retreat?

We are just too busy! We work, work and work. We lose sights of our directions. We are just thinking of our next step only but do not realise where this "next step" will take us to!

If we can do what 曾子 told us: 吾日三省吾身, it is OK for us not to intentionally look backward and then look forward,. If we can't, we are going to lose our visions and ourselves.

To look forward, we need to look backward first!

To Refresh ourselves, we have to put down the "old" stuff to make us fresh.
To fully Recharge ourselves, we have to discharge first.
To do so, we have to Retreat - withdraw ourselves from our busy lives, to look back and to treat ourselves better again.

If you can't join us today for the Personal Retreat, I really hope that you can do so by yourself.

After your Retreat, you will be Refreshed & Recharged!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Monday, January 08, 2007

Personal Development: A Better 2007 for Yourself


I had just read a book. From the book, I learned the story of the invention of Linux, the free open-source operating system.

The inventor found that the existing operating systems cannot satisfy his need in using the floppy drive, so he wrote another OS by himself.

Dissatisfaction can be a greatest source of new ideas and inventions.

If you want a better 2007, you need more good ideas and inventions. I had just written a list of 10 items of dissatisfaction. I will work on them in 2007 to make them satisfactory.

Part of my list includes:
1. I can invest not just in the blue chip stock.
2. I can spend even less time in working.
3. I can build a more interactive website by myself.
4. I can write a better book, a book brings more in-depth insights.
5. I can increase the subscribers of the Excel Your Life Newsletter to 5,000.

May I suggest you doing the same? Write a list of 10 items of dissatisfaction by the end of this week (i.e. the very first week of 2007!) and start to work on them in the rest of the year.

Wish you all have a better and more satisfactory 2007!!!

Happy New Year!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Signs are Everywhere: Mini Prediction for 2007


Every year I do some predictions for the year. I've done this for the past several years. I do it simply by means of observing trends. My sole objective of doing predictions is to encourage people to see the bigger picture.

As I had mentioned some times before, 2007 is my last year of publicly presenting my prediction. I am lucky as my guesses are quite accurate in the past years. When it becomes too accurate, I really afraid that someone will rely on my predictions. That's not my intention. I think that I had already achieved my objective of encouraging people to see bigger and farther. So, 2007 should be a good ending.

My 2007 Prediction Seminar is scheduled on March 6 2007 (7:30pm-9:30pm). This is an internal event. Only participants of my past programs and their friends are invited. You can email me at to book your seat now. In your email, please mention "2007 Prediction" and the number of seats you need.

In my 2006 Prediction, I mentioned the Hang Seng Index will rise until the end of the year. In December, many people asked me how far it will go. My answer was it would at least hit 20,000. Now, it had already hit 20,000. How far will it go?

I can only guess according to my observation. In December, most of the people said that we should be very cautious when investing in the stock market. When everyone was cautious, it could be quite safe.

But when the HS Index hit 20,000 at the end of last year, people becomes more and more aggressive. Some even predict it will go up to 21,000 or higher. Then, we must be really cautious now.

If you want to play safe, it is now the right time to sell all your stock. The market might still go up, but as everyone can tell you that no one can accurately estimate the peak.

I will wait for another 3 to 4 more weeks till the end of January. But I will be very careful to observe closely. When there are more positive predictions about the market, I will withdraw from it. People listen to predictions, particularly those by the professionals. They will become more and more aggressive and the market becomes more and more dangerous.

As I always tell my friends: Don't be too serious about my predictions. They are all from my personal observations. I can be very wrong. Don't trust me, trust yourself.

Explore, Exceed & Excel