Sunday, October 07, 2007

Facilitation: 13 Things People Need to Know


No matter you are a coach, a facilitator or anyone who want to help yourself or others (person or organization) to improve or develop, there are 13 things need to be known for any progress. One might not need to know them all. The more they be aware of them, the easier and faster their path for development!

1. Strengths. Your marketable core competencies.
2. Limitations. Your lacking of the marketable core competencies.
3. Opportunities. What's outside that can be attracted by your core competencies.
4. Threats. What's outside that can be attracted by the core competencies you are lacking!
5. Values. What are important to you.
6. Guiding Principles. How do you make decisions.
7. Visions. What can be possible in the future.
8. Standards. Your minimum requirements.
9. Landmarks. How do you know you are on the right tracks!
10. Purposes. Overall objectives.
11. Tasks. Something need to be done at certain time.
12. Assumptions. What you think is truth and/or fact!
13. Directions. Which paths to take.

Being a coach/facilitator, it is our job to help our clients to discover the above!

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