Sunday, August 28, 2005

NLP: Don't Praise or Shoot the Messenger


Last thursday, one of our NLP graduates came to me.

Her name is Rosan. (Hope she doesn't mind I disclose her name). She looks very differently from my last time seeing her. She changed!

She is very thin, timid and shy 2 or 3 years ago. Now she is healthy and strong, filled full with confidence.

She came and thanked me for my teachings in the NLP Program. She told me that it works.

But it is nothing about me. Or even it is nothing about NLP.

So many people learned NLP, but not all benefited from it. It is all about you, yourself.

I am just the messenger. I bring you the messages about self-awareness or about NLP. It is you who decide whether to work on it or not.

She decided to work on her fear in public speaking. She decided to work on what she really love for her career. She is now an instructor in weight management. She teaches and speak in front of peeple!!! Unbelievable!!!

It is everything about you. Don't shoot the messenger if something doesn't works. Don't priase the messenger if it works. He/she is just a messenger.

Explore, Exceed & Excel

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Top 20 Innovative Companies in the World 2005


In the BiZuccess System Seminar Part 3, I mentioned the Top 20 innovative Companies in the World. I went through the list so fast that some of you might miss something. So, I work out a summary as follows.

20. BMW: Combines sleek design, advanced technology and web-based marketing.
19. Starbucks: Coffee Shop = Lifestyle.
18. IDEO: Input > Output
17. Amazon: Emphasizing customer's experience.
16. Intel: Ability to disrupt itself.
15. Ebay: Customer Power + Cheap Prices + Community.
14. Toyata: Using advanced technology to yield big market advantages, like hybrid cars.
13. Wal-Mart: Supply-chain and logistics superiority.
12. Samsung: Catches the pulse of the consumer.
11. Virgin: Air-travel = Lifestyle.
10. Nokia: Sharp Design + Changes Models Rapidly + Adds Features.
9. P&G: Understanding changing consummer lifestyles.
8. Google: Simple solutions to complex problems.
7. IBM: Uses its powerful IT base to solve customers' problems.
6. Dell: Ruthless cost-cutting and innovations.
5. Sony: Media Convergence.
4. GE: Management Practices ahead of competition.
3. Microsoft: Rapid changes of strategies when necessary.
2. 3M: Internal culture of creativity with formal incentives.
1. Apple: Redefine old categories.
(Source: The Business Week)

Different companies rely on different strategies of innovation to win over their competitors. This is the essense of innovation.

Keith To

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Personal Development: Appointment in 2024


Have you ever think of making an appointment with someone twenty years later?

I am not asking you really to do so with someone else, but how about making an appointment with yourself 20 years later?

What can happen in the coming 20 years? How will you become after 20 years?

Just jot down some questions to ask yourself or some of your promises to yourself. Then put them in an envelope. Mark the envelope with the words "2024". Put the envelope in your safe deposit box or wherever. On your birthday in 2024, open the envelope and see whether you can answer all your questions.

If I were you, I will do everything I can in the next 20 years to make sure myself capable of answering all those questions you had written.

Or even better, mail all your questions and promises to a great friend. Make an appointment with him or her on your birthday in 2024. Then let him or her to ask you all your questions. This appointment can be the very exciting, awesome or even romantic!

This might be another way to keep yourself atill alive in the next 20 years!?

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Updated: Aug 16 2008