Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Reasons of Doing or Learning Coaching


I have been teaching coaching for more than 6 years. But why should we coach or learn coaching? Here are my top 5 reasons:

1. Coaching is growing. More people are going into the coaching field and more managers are using coaching to help their staff and their business day after days. If you don't coach or you don't know how to coach, you are lagging behind the whole new world.

2. Both the Coach & the Coachee improve. You can't stop yourself improving when you help others to improve. You can't stop yourself getting your own problems solved when you help others to solve their problems. You can't stop yourself seeing more opportunities when you help others to see their

3. Probably, you improve more than your coachees. Your coachees might present something you've struggled and/or you are struggling yourself. You can see clearly yourself.

4. Coaching is for your career development. You coach your people. When they improve, your team's performance Improves. You can also consider moving into the coaching field as your next step in your career.

5. Everybody can be benefited from coaching. No everyone needs therapy, counseling or advices. But everyone can gain insights from being coached. You need a lot of education and experience to become a therapist, counselor or consultant. But it does not requires too much training to be a good coach because coaching is absolutely helping others just by making them helping themselves.

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Article Written on Aug 2007