Monday, October 15, 2007

My Affiliation with Organizations


Some graduates of my coaching and hypnotherapy programs emailed me recently, asking about my affiliation with some organizations. They were requested to join some of the organizations in Hong Kong, which state that I am part of them.

There were so many of them asking me the same question, so I like to clarify here. I am not part of any of those organizations. I don't know why I was said to be part of them, but I am not!

There are already too many organizations out there. My only interest is to train, but not organizing whatever. I had created some organizations in the past. They are solely for the convenience of providing training. I will never encourage anyone to join them as I am not sure whether I have any time to organize any activity for them.

So, join those organziations if you like to do so (everyone has free will) but I know nothing about them at all.

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