Friday, April 28, 2006

Winning & Losing


I just watched a TV documentary program. It is about the physiology of winning and losing of human beings.

We all have the instinct to win and to avoid losing. Our lower brain (the animal brain) produces different kinds of chemicals that make us feeling excited and happy when winning and make us feeling miserable and weak when losing.

We hate but remember our losing, all because of these chemicals. This enables human beings becoming so competitive. People withdraws from competitions because they remember too much the bad feelings of being losed. The original intention is to encourage us to learn and remember from our losings so that we can improve in the future.

This is quite "normal" and can be found in most of us. We can't do much, if we are just animals. But we are not.

Our upper brain, the human brain, which is extraordinarily well-developed in human, helps us to think how to win and how to learn from our failures.

But when during competitions and urgency, the chemicals in our lower brain suppress the normal activities of our upper brain. We stop thinking.

Solution: Think and Plan Ahead!

However, this is not our usual habit! If we do not really think and plan ahead, we are just like animals.

Think and Plan Ahead!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Master Hypnotherapist Retreat - Why Hypnosis Failed?


I had just completed the Master Hypnotherapist Retreat last weekend.

Due to some incidents in my life, I decided to teach all I really know about hypnosis in this retreat. I changed 95% of the course content as compared to last retreat.

I think that I had already done my best to teach everything I can teach. Hoping all those classmates who had come enjoyed and learned.

I myself did enjoyed the weekend very much. Keeping what I think is the most useful to myself with teaching them seems to be a burden to myself. Now, the burden is off my shoulders.

Let me summarised what you had learned in the retreat as the answers to the most important question that every serious hypnotherapist should asked themselves: Why Hypnosis Failed?

1. Not deep enough! Hypnotize your clients to ultra-depth.

2. Not Persuasive Enough! Keep all the 3 major frameworks of Suggestions in mind and do the hard work of practising until you can 語無倫次 out of nothing without thinking. Just remember my demo of "seducing" that old lady and young girl in that 砵仔糕 shop.

3. Not Seeing Enough! See more. See the whole system. This is the only part you need to "think". Remember, a hypnotherapist is an "Active Media". He thinks before interventing.

4. Emotions Block Discovery! Use Painless Therapies as much as possible!

Again, thanks all for your hardwork, participation, and supports.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is about Changes Part 4


This is Part 4 of my article series of "Hypnosis is about Changes".

To recap what we had discussed in the last 3 parts:

Source > Problems/Factors > Symptoms

Every Problem the client facing might have a Source, the initial origin. It can be some unpleasant past experience. The Problem can then produce various Symptoms.

In this Part 4, I am going to talk about the Factors Element.

The Factors are conditions that support the Problem. It can be internal or external. The more intense are the Factors, the more serious can the Problem be.

If we can't work on the Source due to whatever reasons, we can "attack" the Factors. We, hypnotherapists, can help our clients either by making our clients aware of the Factors so that they can do something about them, or by reducing the intensity of their internal factors, or by lowering their reactions to the external factors, or by cutting off the links between the Factors and the Problem.

Usually by doing so, we can reduce the seriousness of the Problem, or sometimes we can eliminate the Problem as the conditions (Factors) is not strong enough to support the Problem any more.

In our Part 5 of the series, we will discuss the Belief Element of the Problem.


Hypnosis: What is the Use of Pre-Talk in Hypnotherapy?


Someone asked me a question about Hypnotherapy today.

If we should not do any diagnosis, what is the function of Pre-Talk?

Yes, we should not doing any diagnosis. This is the work of medical doctors/clinical psychologist and other professionals. It is dangerous and misleading to clients as we do not have the right kind of training to do diagnosis.

But we do analysis with the clients. We assist the clients to analyse his/her own situation so that they can be clearer about themeselves and their problems.

So, we ask questions to help them to understand.

Medical doctors ask and answer questions.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life Strategy, Simple?!


I just conducted my "Life Strategist" Free Seminar Series Part 1 earlier this week.

I intended to present a total of 200+ life strategies for you to select for exceling your own life.

Some people might think that those life strategies are so simple, each with just 2 simple words?

What do you expect? A thesis for each strategy!

By definition, a strategy must be simple. If it is complicated, it might be a tactic or just one of the methods.

A strategy is the approach to get what you want in the future. It provides just enough structure to induce your thinking for the suitable tactics and methods.

But it is just too simple and vague. Yes, not everybody gets used to the strategy level of thinking because it is "too" simple and vague. Many seek methods for their whole lives. But they lost sight of the bigger picture. They are so involved into the "doing" part. They are busy for their whole life but just can't get what they expected.

Slowly, people lower their expectation and explain that that is reality.

Strategy gives you the bigger picture to see what can be done to achieve what you want. It keeps you focusing on what's matter and what's important.

So, you can either get used to the rather simple and vague strategy or continue what you are doing in the past and get what you got in the past.

Wish you successful in your journey of startegies search!


我的觀點: 親歷其境





Explore, Exceed & Excel

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

2nd Printing of My New Book, 羸一場人生


I am really happy to know that my new book, 羸一場人生 is on its 2nd printing within its first month of publishing.

Thanks a lot to all of you who support me (and John Lau) and the book.

Wishing you all 羸一場人生!!!


Friday, April 07, 2006

The Monk & the Lady


Suddenly, I think of an old Zen Story.

It is about 2 monks and a lady.

2 monks and a lady come across a river. The lady does not know how to cross the river. One of the monk carries the lady at his back.

After a looooooong while, the other monk asks the first monk why he carried the lady. It did not fitted the moral code of being a monk.

The first monk calmly replies, the lady had already left, why she is still on your back?

Why is she still on your back???


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Metaphor about How to See More


Here is a metaphor about seeing more:

To see more, you can either going up, turning around or going to another spot.

When you go up, you can see broader (stuff at the ground level) and higher (stuff at the upper levels). In NLP, we go Meta! (Many people misunderstand the Meta-Position. It is an upper position, or you can't see yourself, others and the relationships among them!)

When you turn around, you see what's behind you. You change your angle of view, you see other stuff at the same level. In NLP, we intentionally apply different filters and frames.

When you going to other spots, you see different perspectives of the same stuff. In NLP, we dissociate and go to other positions.


"Seeing" More is More Important than "Seeing" Accurately!


Seeing more is more important than seeing accurately!

It is difficult for us to decide whether what we perceived is accurate or not. The only way is to see "more". The "extras" we see can provide evidence to prove the accuracy of our original perceptions.

In the NLP Practitioner Program, I urge you to verify and reduce your "Filters" (i.e. Presuppositions: values, beliefs, rules, attitudes) and to extend your VAK Frames in order to see more.

In the Master NLP Practitioner Program, I encourage you to see more by recognizing your meta-programs, mental models and by seeing at the Meta-Level.

In Systemic Thinking Course, I motivate you to see more by seeing/thinking synthetically, multi-dimensionally, expansionally and in a multiple causes & effect manner.

I watched a TV program yesterday night. It is a sci-fiction. It is in the year of 200,000, the media is broadcasting news that they want the people to see. They even make up news so as to fool the people and stop them from thinking. The result is the intelligence level of the people dropped seriously.

It is not sci-fiction. It happens today. See more by yourself, not by someone else!


Learning Attitude of People in Macau and Mainland China, Part 2


I wrote the Part 1 of this article a few day ago.

There are many feedbacks, some by emails, some on my blog.

I like to clarify one single thing. I am not saying that the learning attitude of all the people in Hong Kong is not good. It is just a matter of trend.

When they are becoming very eager to learn while we are not keeping up, we are at our competitive disadvantage. It is hard to admit someone is better than us. But this is the beginning of excelling ourselves.