Friday, August 25, 2006

A Further Version!


A further version of my previous posting:

Things being well-done, but not necessarily having the targetted result!

Having the targetted result, but you not necessarily be succeed!

Being succeed, but you not necessarily be happy!

(Originated by Iris, edited by Keith)


Simple, but not Easy!


One of our friends(Iris Yung) inspired me today. The inspiration gives me an insight.

Things can be simple, but not necessarily be easy!
Things can be easy, but not necessarily be done!
Things being done, but not necessarily being well-done!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Learning from Life #76 - #80


Here is another part of our Learning from Life Series:

76. Give what others want, but not what you think they want!

77. One needs to take care of his/her body. "It" can't do it by "itself".

78. One can't do his/her best when he/she is tired!

79. Main point can be not the critical point!

80. Creativity comes from the child within.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Graduation of NLP Practitioner in Zhong Shan (中山)


I returned from Zhong Shan the day before yesterday.

Last weekend was the last module of NLP Practitioner Training, my first NLP Practitioner Program in Zhong Shan (中山) and in Mainland China.

It is only a very small class, but it is a great class.

Congratuation to all of our 7 graduates, 王蔚青、黃志強、黎德緣、方尉明、陳瑞霞、劉魯平、麥梅. Thanks again for your support in the past months. All of them are really smart people. I learned from them as much, or even more than they learned from me!

The best experience with them is that they all asked smart questions. This makes the class very interactive. Their smart questions forced me to think and deliver more.

Lesson Learned: Smart questions are more important than smart answers!


P.S. The same principle applies to Coaching. We ask good questions and expect our coachees giving great answers!

Systemic Leadership Seminar


As mentioned in my previous post, I did the Systemic Leadership Seminar last Saturday. We had around four hundred something people participating the event.

If you missed this event, don't worry, I plan to do it again in the near future. Why? Because I don't think I was doing very good this time.

I regret a bit that I was trying to present something too complex in too short the time. Result: Participants might not be able to grasp the major ideas!

Lesson Learned: Less is sometimes "More"!

When I do it again, I will simplify the ideas. Don't worry again. You will not get less. Remember, less is sometimes more!


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Systemic Thinking: Systemic Blindness


Answer the following questions, honestly:

1. Do you always find yourself having not enough time?

2. Do you always not know how to do something?

3. Do you always not know the reasons why doing something, but you still do it?

4. Do you always feel worry?

5. Do you always repeat doing the same things days after days?

If "yes" to the above questions (some or all), you might be suffering from the "Systemic Blindness". You are missing something important because you can't see the bigger system.

Solution: Seeing More!!!

This is the topic I am going to cover this afternoon in a new free seminar, Systemic Leadership.

Tell you more after today!


Play and Growing Old!?


I saw a great quote from a toy shop recently:

"We do not stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing!"

It's true!

Never stop playing. Never loss your playful sense!

Keep on playing!