Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Personal Development: Summary Key Points of the Fate Reengineering Program


I just completed the Fate Reengineering Program. There were tons of information and they are not easy. So to make those who have attended and those who haven't having a clearer view of the Systemic Personality Typology, I write these key points for you:

1. Personality is a dynamic set of characteristics, which influences people's cognition, motivation and behaviour.

2. Personality is used represent us, but not to disguise our identity.

3. Study of Personality is systemic. All 7 theories of personality psychology are right. Each of which explains part of the whole story.

4. The 4 Elements of Fate Reengineering are the 4 criteria from Maslow: Awareness, Reality Centred, Acceptance and Democratic.

5. Personality is systemic. We are presenting to the world different faces of our personality. They are contextual, not the core.

6. Personality Typology is systemic. Each typology is seeing personality from one perspective.

7. MBTI or the Jungian Personality Types is seeing personality from a perspective of the 8 Mental or Cognitive Functions. 16 types are the result of combination of 2 groups of mental functions, each having 4 variations. (Not the combination of 4 groups of letters E/I, S/N, T/F & J/P)

8. Enneagram is seeing personality from a perspective of Maladpative Behaviour Mechanism.

9. PPACC is seeing personality from a perspective of the combined action of the 5 Ego States.

10. When understanding the MBTI code, the first and last letters are only used to indicate the preference of the 8 mental functions. Never use these 2 letters to understand one's personality and to seek improvement and development. This will be misleading.

11. To improve, utilize your Supporting Function to balance your Leading Function.

12. To develop, explore your Achievement Function.

13. To be adaptive, be flexible on all your 8 Mental Functions.

14. To use DiSC as shortcut, remember it is your DiSC profiles when you are stress-free.

15. For best and lowest energy consumption performance, use your Inborn (or Core) Functions.

16. Use Enneagram as a "Times Table" for Freud's theories. It is not mystic or sacred. (see my another article on: Enneagram, What Really is It?)

17. Enneagram analysis should be Thematic, not Analytic.

18. High, Average, Low Points, Integration and Disintegration is NOT a direction, but a Signal of Development.

19. High, Average, Low Points, Integration and Disintegration are the result of Awareness. They indicate your Degree of Awareness.

20. So, to develop, enhance your Awareness and Understanding of what you are searching for, your compulsory behaviours, and your maladaptive behaviour mechanism.

21. Different Enneagram types are equivalent to the 6 types of Oral, Anal & Phallic Fixation of Freud's Psychosexual Stage Theory (#2: Electra Complex, #4: Oral Aggressive Fixation, #5: Oral Receptive Fixation, #7: Anal Expulsive Fixation, #8: Oedipus Complex, #1: Anal Retentive Fixation), plus the symptoms from Unhealthy Id (#3), Unhealthy Ego (#6) and Unhealthy Superego (#9).

22. We can't accurately identify others' personality type. It is impossible due to there can be hundreds & thousands of variations of Enneagram Types and Contextual Selves (in MBTI). Only the arrogant and ignorant will claim they can do so.

23. Personality Typology is best for Self Development.

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