Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is about Changes Part 2


This is Part 2 of my series of Hypnosis is about Changes.

As mentioned in Part 1, hypnotherapist facilitating changes can be done at the Cause/Factors, Problem(s) or the Symptoms Levels. The easiest is the Symptoms Level. We do it by giving Post-Hypnotic Suggestions.

The problem using suggestions is it seldom really works.

When the symptoms are being removed by suggestions and the "Problem(s)" still exist, it can simply generate another symptom or the same symptom later. But this can be effective under either of these two conditions:

1. You identified the true Motivation for the change needed and the Motivation is big enough.

2. The Symptom is just one of the many ways that can "stablize" the "Problem". It is NOT the Only and/or Key way to do so.

For Condition 1, true motivation can seldom be identified in Conscious Mind (when client is awake). They are usually buried in the Sibconscious Mind. To be effective, we use the motivations found in both mind to persuade both the conscious and the subconscious minds. We get such information of the conscious mind during Pretalk while we can identify the motivation of the subconscious mind using techniques like, Inner Guide, Inner Healer, Communicate with the Disease Entity, Hypno-Analysis, Motivation Mapping, Hypnotic Uncovering Technique and the ES Therapy.

You can do nothing about Condition 2. Condition 1 is a matter of skills while Condition 2 is a matter of Luck!

Motivation is the key to effective hypnotic suggestions. So, we formulate our Main Suggestion using the format of "Changes because Motivation".

When you can't help the clients to improve at the "Symptom(s) Level", go to the higher levels. The higher levels can be more effective, but need greater skills and might invlove more pains to the clients!

I will talk more about the "Cause Level" in Part 3.


Friday, January 27, 2006

Learning from Life #46 - #50


Here is another part of my learning from life:

46. Forgiving is still the best way to get rid of the bad feeling when someone did something bad to you. I choose to forgive the one who did something bad to me that day.

47. People is neither good or bad. People is people!

48. The more senior someone is, the more he/she opens to learn.

49. It is not what happens to a person that is important. It is what he thinks about it.

50. It is not what happens to a person that is important. It is what he does about it.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hypnosis: Transference


Transference is a problem faced by all helping professionals. This problem might not caused by you, but you can still be affected. No matter you are a therapist, coach, counsellor, trainer or even a manager.

If you don't understand this problem, you might find yourself confused or annoyed.

Your clients might project some positive qualities (you might not have them) onto you. This makes them thinking you are great. They like you or even love you. This is the Positive Transference. It seems good but all his/her perceptions about you are based on false assumptions. Sooner or later, they might "discover" the "truth" and then he/she might turn against you. He/she might attack you as they think you had cheated them, though you have done nothing all from the beginning. Your clients might even shifted into another form of Transference, the Negative Transference.

The Negative Transference is the opposite of the Positive Transference. They might project some negative qualities (again you might not have them) onto you. This makes them thinking you are bad, really bad.

You cannot do much about Transference. One of the precautions is to keep professional distance with your clients. But transference can still happen even though you take your precaution.

Just don't be happy too soon when you find your clients "like" you or don't be too upsetted when they "hate" you!


Friday, January 20, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is About Changes Part 1


I seldom write about hypnosis. So I decide to write several short articles about my concepts of hypnotherapy. This is Part 1 of the series.

Hypnosis is about changes. We want to change because we do not satisfy with something about ourselves. It can be a bad habit, an addiction, a weakness, or a psychosomatic disease. It is something we don't want, consciously. But we just can't get rid of it because there can be some sub-conscious reasons, Cause and/or Factors.

A Cause is something happened in the past that caused your "Problem". There must a cause to everything. This is simple logic. Factors are something that create the condition for your "Problem". You can change your "Problem" by working on your Cause and/or your Factors.

One thing you must bear in mind that your bad habit, an addiction, a weakness, or a psychosomatic disease is NOT your "Problem". It is just the Symptom or one of the Symptoms of your "Problem". Your "Problem" is that something behind the Symptoms. For example, people has an addiction to alcohol can be just a Symptom of feeling stressed (i.e. the "Problem"). If we just remove the Symptom, some other Symptom can appear (or the same Symptom reappears later) as the "Problem" is still there.

To summarize:

Cause -- Problem(s) -- Symptom(s)


To successfully change, we can work on the Cause, the Factors, and/or the "Problem" itself. Well-trained Hypnotherapists work on either of these. (I am talkig about working on the "Problem", not removing it. If you remove the "Problem", the Cause will just create another "Problem". I will talk about it in greater details in later articles)


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Personal Development: Sharing a Poem: Change



Changeby Bob Tschannen-Moran (c) 2006

The gnawing preoccupation
That something might be wrong
That something has gone wrong
That something will go wrong
Does not inspire great change

Do this, or die
Lose this, or die
Gain this, or die
Achieve this, or die
Measure up to this, or die

The ultimatums of what must be done
And the babble of things gone wrong
Paint the case for change
On a canvass of Frustration, failure, and fear

It takes courage to step away,
To let the noise die down,
And to listen for that still, small voice.
It takes wisdom to trust The whisper of life:

"Let there be nothing wrong now."
"Let there be nothing wrong."
"Let there be something right now."
"Let there be something right
With life!"

The whisper roars
And planets turn
Infants grow
And lovers embrace
For life

The canvass bursts with
Aspiration, hope, and change
As the voice
Forever speaking
Proclaims things right

Right enough to dream again
Of things that might yet be
Right enough to design again
A different destiny

Such is the mystery of change!
We welcome the conversation
And befriend the challenge
Of becoming who we are
At our best

We invite the world
To join in the dance
Of becoming all it can be
Leaping and laughing into
New possibility

作者:by Bob Tschannen-Moran (c)2006 年











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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Learning from Life #41 - #45


Here is my next 5 learning from life:

41. We only care about what we don't have, but forget about what we have.

42. We always give ourselves long term pains by greedy short term gains.

43. Some people thinks. Some people acts. Some people does both.

44. Everything has 2 sides, at least.

45. We can make both ourselves and others unhappy when we cheat ourselves.

Hope you enjoy these 5 learning.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Personal Development: Personal Cycles - Up & Down


Whether you notice it or not, we have cycles.

We go up and down within day, months, years or even decades. These up and down cycles are being affected by so many factors, inside and outside.

You might not be able to make yourself always high in the up-cycles. But we can be sensitive enough to be aware of their existence. Then you can make use of your cycles.

I am right now in my down-cycle. I am in doubt, boring moods. I am not quite productive. I always find myself very tired. I am slow in response. It is the best time for rest and reflection. We are in down-cycles because we used up our energy and there might be something that is pushing us down. Rest and Reflection are the keys to getting up again.

The more rest you get during these period, the more energy you can restore. The more insights you can get from your reflection, the more clarity about your situation you can gain.

Don't push yourself out of the down-cycle. You just make yourself even more "down", like drowning. The harder you push, the deeper you sink!

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Updated: Apr 11 2015

Monday, January 09, 2006

Email Distribution List of the Content of this Website


I have just added a new email distribution list for the content of this website.

I post new message every 2 to 3 days. If you want to updated with all the information, simply send a blank email to to join.

Then you will received an email everytime I post to this site.

Hope you like this new service to you.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I was Nearly Drowned!


Last week, I went for my holiday in Malaysia. Great sunshine and beautiful beaches!

I went snorkeling. I should wear a life jacket but I didn't. I thought that I am good at swimming and snorkeling. (I am a lifeguard twenty years ago!) A life jacket seemed to be meaningless to me.

There were lots of lovely fishes moving around here and there.

Suddenly, some sea water flushed into my mouth and I was choked. Just like everybody who had been choked in water, I moved my arms and legs fiercely and more water got into my mouth. A clear message flashed into my mind - "I am drowned!"

The second message went into my mind was that I should have worn a life jacket.

The third message then appeared - "I don't want to die and I need to be calm."

This is something easier to say than do. But I managed to do so and then I recalled what I learned during my lifeguard training. Most of the people will not die if they just stop what they are doing when they are drowned. That is, moving their arms and legs. This will just make them sinking faster.

So I stopped moving and started to breath slowly. It took me a minute or so before I became "normal" again. I saved my own life.

Lessons Learned:

1. Accident happens. It happens to those who do not think it will happen to them.

2. Sometimes it is what you are doing kills you. Stop doing what you are doing if it doesn't work.

3. Ask yourself what you really need. In my case, I need air, so I breath.

These are something too simple, but they saved my life.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Learning from Life #36 - #40


Another 5 of my learning from life:

36. Controlling oneself is easier than controlling others.

37. Work and Play can be done at the same time.

38. If you really want to help others, fulfill their needs, not yours!

39. To React is easier than to Respond.

40. Care for others, but live your own life.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Poem: Gossip


I just read this poem from a magazine. I love it.


My name is Gossip.
I have no respect for justice.
I maim without killing.
I break hearts and ruin lives.

I am cunning and malicious
and gather strength with age.
The more I am quoted, the more I am believed.

My victims are helpless.
They cannot protect themselves against me
because I have no name and no face.

To track me down is impossible.
The harder you try, the more elusive I become.

I am nobody's friend.
Once I tarnish a reputation, it's never the same.

I topple governments and wreck marriages.
I ruin careers and cause sleepless nights,
heartaches and indigestion.
I make innocent people cry in their pillows.

Even my name hisses.
I am called Gossip.
I make headlines and headaches.

Before you repeat a story, ask yourself:
Is it true? Is it harmless?
Is it necessary?
If it isn't, don't repeat it.


Here is my Chinese translation of the above:











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Updated: Apr 11 2015

My 2006 Prediction


Every year I do the prediction for the year. I am not doing it by any metaphysical method. I watch trends. Some people like watching birds, fishes, boys or girls, I like watching trends.

It is very interesting to see the trends going up and down, in and out, slow and fast!

My overall prediction for 2006 in Hong Kong: Not as good as 2005, or even a bit worse!

As I had mentioned in my 2005 Prediction Seminar last year, 2005 is a good year for Hong Kong People. I had already warned at last year's seminar that 2006 is not going to be good, and I still think so.

If you like to know more about my predictions in 2006, come to the 2006 Prediction Seminar in Feb 27 2006. Details of registration will be announced soon through the Excel Your Life Newsletter.


My Learning in 2005


I started the "My Weekly Learning from Life Series" in this blog several months ago. I love doing this as I can consolidate my own learning.

If you ask me what was my greatest learning in the year of 2005, I will tell you this one:

If someone is angry with me, it is my own fault. But I won't blame myself for this. If what I had done is necessary, I will do it again in the future, even harder! If what I had done is unnecessary, I will do something different next time!

Please kindly accept my appology if I had upset you in the past.


Personal Development: The First Thing I Did in 2006


Do you know what was my first thing I did in 2006?

I got lost during my drive back home at 12:00am Jan 1 2006!

When I confirmed that I was really lost, I seek help and ask for direction from a police officer immediately! He showed me the way and I got back home right away.

Lesson learned: Seek help when help is needed. Ask for it or you might get even worse or at least wasted your valuable time and effort.

Asking for help is not something bad! It helps!

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Updated: Apr 11 2015