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Hypnosis: Positive Messages Process 發現正面訊息過程


協助受者發現正面訊息的過程,是我們的SOBER Hypnotherapy系統的獨特和核心部份,亦是我們的方法與別不同之處;如果您忽略了這個重要過程,您將使您的進行的治療效果遠遠失色,您浪費了您和您的受者的時間和努力。






1. 可執行的 Actionable:否則受者根本不能做任何事情,來改變他的情況;此外,沒有行動,亦因而沒有結果,受者便不能進一步地具體化他們新的信念。(記得我們什麼時候使用『即係?』這條問題?)

2. 安全的 Safe:對客戶和其他人,這些新的信念沒有任何潛在危險。(記得我們什麼時候使用『因為?』這條問題?)

3. 沒有局限的 Without Limitation:發現新的信念的目的,是為了受者開放更多的可能性,減少限制他們,難題是受者給自己在思想和行動的局限。(記得我們什麼時候使用『因為?』這條問題?)


The Process of Positive Messages is very unique and core part of our system of SOBER Hypnotherapy. If you miss this process, you will make your therapy far, far less effective. You waste your and your client's time and effort.

As it is so important, I explained the process in more details in my recent SOBER Therapy Module of the Certified Hypnotherapist Program. Below is a brief summary of what I had explained that day.

It is not someone in the past or something happened in the past directly causes us problem now. It is the beliefs that developed out of that past event that cause us troubles. For example, you was so fear during a singing contest when you were 10. You unconsciously gained a belief of "public presentation is something horrible". So when you are now already 30, you fear much about speaking in front of people.

In our SOBER System, the Positive Messages Process is the consolidation process after you review your past event, relationship and beliefs during hypnosis. You gain new understanding after the review and you make your new understanding concrete through verbalizing them out. These concrete positive messages become your new beliefs. We can't just delete our old beliefs by not believing in something, but we can only replace the old beliefs with new ones. You believe in something else instead!

Positive Messages are not messages that are "positive" in general sense. It does not need to be optimistic, moral, ethical or even be good. It is not our job and we can't judge the content of our clients' new understanding. I am not saying that being optimistic, moral, ethical or good is not important. But we should not push our own judgement towards our clients!

To be positive, a message must meet the following 3 criteria:

1. Actionable. Or the client can't do anything about it to change his/her situation. Furthermore, without actions (thus without results), clients can't further solidify their new beliefs. (Remember our use of 即係?)

2. Safe. There is no potential danger (to the clients and others) in the message. (Remember our use of 因為?)

3. Without Limitation. The new beliefs are opening up possibilities for the clients, not further limiting them. In hypnosis, a problem is a limitation of client's thinking and actions. (Remember our use of 因為?)

When all 3 criteria are met, the new beliefs (and thus the new actions generated) could be more realistic!

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Updated with Chinese Translation: Feb 8 2009