Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Things a Coach can Help his/her Clients


No matter you are a business coach or personal coach, there are some best things you can help your clients to gain a better life or business. You can do the same to yourself, your friends or your family, even you are not a coach! Here my Top 5 Things a coach can help his/her clients:

1. See Differently. We all have a lot of assumptions. A coach helps others to check their assumptions. Wrong assumptions lead to wrong conclusions! Right conclusion leads to right actions.

2. See More. We get used to see things from a single habitual point of view. Then we can never be creative. A coach introduces new points of view to others so that we can see more by themselves.

3. Become Sensitized. Being sensitized is not being sensitive. We are addicted and become fairly dumb to our normal daily lives. A coach talks to his/her clients to identify anything "strange". Our feedbacks can challenge our clients' usual perceptions. When we are sensitized, we can change quickly.

4. Become Effective. A coach does not just push clients for actions. We help our clients logically analyzing the right things to do. Being effective is not being efficient. Being effective is doing the right things, not just doing things quickly.

5. Understand Themselves. We seldom ask ourselves good questions about our own selves. We always try to understand others, but not ourselves. A coach ask questions, a lot of good questions about his/her clients. When we understand ourselves, everything we do become sensible!

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