Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Ways to Learn Faster in Class


Everyone needs to learn. Attending classes, especially good classes are shortcuts to learning. Good teachers and trainers share their knowledge they gained through years of experience.
You simply obtain them in hours.

Great teaching doesn't mean great learning. Teaching is their job and learning is yours. We need to learn to learn. Here are my top 5 ways to learn most in class:

1. Set Learning Objective. Tell yourself your objectives of attending a class before even enrolling. What you want from the course? What can be different after you gain the knowledge?

2. Ask Questions. Ask questions to clarify. Ask questions to understand. But not asking a question to show off your knowledge. Even you successful accomplish that, you gain nothing. This is just a waste of time. Ask relevant questions to show your respect to others. Don't waste others' time. Do not feel fearful or embarrass to ask questions. A good teacher likes and appreciates questions.

3. Express Your Points. This helps others' to understand better. Others might be encouraged to do the same to help your learning. But always express relevant points!

4. Listen. Listen for the meaning of the points offered by your teachers. Don't assume anything. The points might be similar to something you heard before, but it might not be the same points.

5. Apply the Knowledge. Use what you learn as soon as possible, or it will simply go away.

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