Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Ways to Become More Humorous


Humor dilutes any difficulty with people. Humor also lubricates relationships and communication. Being humorous, even during hard times, indirectly shows others that you are in control. But it seems to be very difficult to be humorous. Here are my top 5 ways to become more humorous:

1. Don't be Funny. Being funny and being humorous is very different. It will be funny enough if you try to be funny!

2. Look Around Outside. There are lots of humorous things right outside. Promise yourself to discover at least one thing humorous everyday. You are sharpening your eyes for humors and you will then become humorous.

3. Create Crazy Reasons for Things Happening. There must be a reason behind everything. But I don't want that "right" answer. Think of something mad!

4. Play with Your Pains. Pains make us suffering if you resist them and decided not to play with them. Have fun with your pains.

5. Laugh at Yourself. If you are confident enough, you are able to laugh at yourself without hurting. People get used to be laughed at but seldom seeing people laughing at oneself.

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