Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 2: Needs


This is Part 2 of the Concepts 101 Series. I am going to write all the 101 concepts that I believe and live.

Needs give us the biggest motivation. Needs are things that we must have to survive. There are some common basic needs, like food and air. However, different people are having different other needs because different people has different definitions of survival.

If you cannot satisfy your needs, you find yourself unhappy. We will do whatever to meet our needs.

Knowing our need is our first step to happiness. If we are clear about our needs, we can focus our energy to get them. Most of us are wasting time, effort and money to chase after something, which is not our needs.

If you want a higher motivation, make it related to your needs. If this is something we need, that is, must-have, not nice-to-have, we have the drive.

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