Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hypnosis: Subtle Leading Suggestions


We do not use leading suggestions in hypnotherapy to prevent potential dangers. If you want more information about Leading Suggestions, go here for another article.

There are some leading suggestions, which are very subtle. You even are not aware of them when you use them.

For example: When the clients in waking or hypnotic state telling you that "I am tired" and "I do not want to do my job". If you paraphrase it as "You are tired and so you do not want to do your job", then this becomes leading.

The word "so" creates a relationship between the 2 pieces of information. Such relationship is not mentioned by the client though the 2 pieces of information are. You are leading him/her into believing in something he/she might not believe before.

This can create complication which might make the process difficult or create side effects you never expected.

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