Monday, July 30, 2007

Concepts 101 Part 4: Over-Responding


This is Part 4 of our Concepts 101 Series.

When something wrong happened, I get used to Over-Respond. Don't misunderstand me, I am not talking about Over-Reacting. Responding is actions after thinking through while Reacting is animal-like reflex action.

Over-Responding is doing more than what you think is needed. This ensures things are being properly handled. There can be a waste of time & effort in Over-Responding. However, people might expect more or differently from you. We can also under-estimate the effects of what had happened. Over-Responding lowers such risk.

When something bad happened, we want to reduce the adverse effects and to prevent them in the future. Under-Responding and/or Over-Reacting make the above impossible. It is too difficult to strike the right-balanced response. It is usually either Over or Under. You will be better off to be over.

Over-Responding is not contradictory to my another concepts, Minimalism. I will talk about that in more depth in Part 5 of our series.

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