Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Top 5 Tips: Top 5 Basic Guidelines to Live a Life


If we have an effective & efficient Personal Operating System to live our lives, we make it easier for us. I am going to present New and Free 8-hours program, Personal Operating System in August this year. I will announce how to enroll later in this newsletter. Let's share with you a very, very small portion of my Personal Operating System. Here are my 5 basic guidelines to live our lives easier.

1. Know the Basics. Learn the basics. Then you can't learn until you work through it.

2. Use the Right Tools. Different tasks require different tools. Find the right tools. Then select the best one you can afford. It will save you time and effort. It can take away most of the Frustrations.

3. Be a Visionary. See what can be possible for the future. Macroscopically, you would see the possible future of yourself and what you expect. Microscopically, you could see the possible outcomes of a task, a project or a product. One can't be creative, even he/she has the best creative skills, if he/she can't see the possibilities!

4. Input the Right Input. Right Input might not necessarily be Good Inputs. Different processes require different inputs. Wrong inputs, wrong results!

5. Start. Preparation is important. Planning is important, too. But Preparation and planning is not doing! They won't give you any result. Plan, prepare and start doing!

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