Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Business Development: 13 Rules of Today's Business World


Doing business today can be very different from the past. I read through the last issue of Business 2.0 Magazine today and write out these 13 rules.

1. Business is a fulfillment mechanism.
Successful businesses are those which can fulfill the needs and wants of customers!

2. Give away something for free.
And do it in a way that it can expand your business.

3. It is OK to make the people around you nervous!
If they are nervous, you must be doing something really new!

4. Businesses that focus strictly on profits will be voted out!
Don't make yourself too greedy!

5. It's OK not to be number 1!
Being number 4, 5 in a big market is still very big!

6. Do something you can be passionate about.
Don't just copy!

7. Don't take it all!
Leave something to others, especially your customers!

8. There must be something being unnoticed!
Then, that is your opportunities!

9. Cost is not the only consideration.
Time, convenience and flexibility matter more.

10. If everyone agrees with you, it's a waste of time.
Everyone is already doing it!

11. There is no problem to be outside the mainstream.
Competition is less over there!

12. Give people a second chance.
They will give their best!

13. Break all rules, including all of the above.
If there are rules, it isn't Today's Business World!

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