Friday, April 20, 2007



佛家道家智慧低級化 is one of my objectives.

Both Buddhism and Taoism are of great wisdom, both in size and in depth. They are too difficult for most of us to learn. I am not talking about religion. They can be seen as great philosophy and knowledge.

So I decided to 低級化 them to make them available to everyone, not to use for religious purpose, but in daily life applications. I am not 普及化 them as I am not that great and knowledgeable. I just try to put only parts of their wisdoms into a lower level. So, I am not talking about Buddhism or Taoism. I even "mis-use" them.

In the past, I make use of the 低級化 results in the Mandala Thinking, Systemic Business Design, Mental Symbology or even in NLP!

I am stealing knowledge from 唯識宗 of Buddhism in my last article, NLP is about Thinking Part 10 - What is Thinking. I am stealing ideas from 『虛相唯識』and 『實相唯識』and apply them to "Less Filters" and "Real Filters" respectively.

I am telling you this because I want to admit my stealing and to seek your forgiveness about my possible misunderstandings of Buddhism and Taoism due to my limited knowledge!

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