Saturday, April 21, 2007

Personal Development: How to Explain Something?


During my past years of being a manager, coach and trainer, I saw thousands and thousands of people explaining things to others. Surprisingly, not everyone is effective in explaining.

The most common problem is to explain a simpler thing using something even more complex! This is totally self-destructive!

The goal of explanation is to make others understanding easier. The most efficient way to do is to describe something complex with something simple. The reason of people throwing out more difficult terms, metaphors, analogies, concepts, etc is one who do not really understand what he/she is talking about.

But don't over-simplify. I am talking about "simpler" only. Over-simplification is usually misleading. For example, when you explain NLP and describe it as "a study of mind and behaviours", it is over-simplification. You are not explaining but just categorizing/describing NLP.

Explanation leads to understanding, while describing leads to just knowing. Differentiate Explaining and Describing!

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