Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Business Development: The 13th Keywords for 3G Customer Service


One of our readers of this blog, Christopher, who has emailed me some of his comments about my last posting, 3 Generations of Customer Service. Christopher is an expert in CRM from the other side of the world (I mean, U.S.). His comment is very valid and so I revise my Point 4 and add a Point 13 of my Keywords List.

Many thanks, Christopher!

Here is the new list:

1. 360 Degrees Customer Interaction.

2. 7/24/365 Customer Intimacy.

3. Values Transfer.

4. Interaction is not just Transaction.

5. CRM is Customer Relationship, not a data, computer system and/or selling tool.

6. World-Class Service, not just your own standards.

7. Standardization is Not Enough. 100% Objective Verification is the Key.

8. Customer Service is Not Selling Tactfully.

9. Outside-In, Not Inside-Out.

10. Targetted Customers is Not a Marketing Term.

11. Easy-To-Do-Business-With.

12. Make Your People Happy, Not Your Customer.

13. Service is Culturally Dependent.

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