Sunday, April 15, 2007

We are so Lucky to be in Hong Kong!


Yes, we are very lucky to live here in Hong Kong. (If you are not living here, you might be even luckier?!)

We have all the foundation for the 2 most important languages in the world, English & Chinese (Putongua)!

Being a colony of Britain for so many years before 1997, we should be very good at English. (But we are not!) English is the #1 International Language. Though it is not the language used by the largest number of people, it is mostly used in the wealthiest areas and countries of the world! English is the highest leverage language today.

How about the highest leverage language in the coming future? Of course it is Chinese. Many public schools in U.S. start to teach Putongua and Chinese instead of Spanish! We are Chinese and we know the language. What we only need to learn is just speaking the dialect. It is much easier than those people in the States.

How lucky we are!!!

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P.S. My Putongua is not very good. I will improve it. However, I have another plan. I decided to learn Japnaese!!!