Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NLP: Before Change, CHECK!


Many people use NLP for creating changes. But "Change creates Changes". There is no guarantee that it will bring forth improvement. So, check before your change!

NLP has given us at least 3 Checking Methodologies. Use them:

1. Intention Check: What is the intention or objective of the original behaviour, action, plan, belief....? You need to know whether it can still be entertained after the changes. If not, you might need some extra works to fulfill the original intentions/objectives. Every behaviour has at least one positive intention to yourself.

Whatever existing, no matter how bad it is, has a reason to exist. If we ignore it, you might cause a even bigger problem.

2. Ecology Check: What is the effects of the changes on yourself, on someone important and on others? Can you accept the effects. If not, you better revise your changes or even consider something else.

If you ignore the Ecology Check, you might at the end get your positive result plus all the negative side effects! Or you might simply procrastinate as you do not want to see the effects realizing.

3. Congruency Check: Do you feel it is OK to change in that way? If not, change your plan. Your unconscious mind (non-conscious thinking) can sometimes know more than your conscious thinking. Whenever you feel something being not OK, analyze it again!

Even when you can get through all 3 checks, you can still be wrong. Life is full of risks. It is up to you to decide whether to take it or not.

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Revised: June 19 2009