Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Point of View: Show Time


Many people asked me why do I make people laugh during my training?

Because laughing is good! You are happy, you laugh. When you laugh, you feel happy! It's just that simple!

But this makes the whole thing not serious enough. This should be a training session!

My materials (in NLP term, Content) are serious, I take my 20+ years of experience and hours of hard work to prepare them. Only I deliver them in a relaxing, interesting way (or the Context). People learn more when they are relaxing.

Don't you notice that it is more difficult to deliver a training in a "laughing" mode. In addition to your teaching material, you need to prepare more to make people laugh.

I never do training. I am performing each time. I make each lesson a show. I am not in the training business. I am in the show business.

If every teacher is performing a show when teaching, who should be worrying about our children not wanting to go to school?

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