Friday, August 22, 2008

Coaching: Coaching is about Discovery Part 5 - Steps in Discovering


This is Part 5 of this Coaching is about Discovery Series.

In this article, we are going to describe a stage-by-stage model of coaching.

Everything needs a starting point. Where do we start to coach?

Clients seek coaching when they are facing a problem or difficult situation and they want to solve it. This creates 3 different approaches.

Firstly, some people go straight ahead to coach for solution. But if the client can have the solution so easily, he/she do not need to be coached! One can't know his/her future when the past and present is not known.

Some coaches do understand that every problem has a cause(s). If the client is aware of the causes of his/her problem, he/she can attack on the causes and the problem doesn't exist any more. So, coaching on causes can be a better alternative. This is true when the client is already clear about his problem. You can't know the cause of something when you don't know what that something really is!

Here comes the 3rd approach, coaching on situations. We start with the present situations or problems. Then we go to the past causes, and finally the future goal and solutions.

In each stage, we search and verify our assumptions and possibilities. Understanding our situations is the result of exploring our past, present and future through verifying our assumptions and searching for possibilities!

Now we learned how our blindspots are formed and how we can discover them. To make discovery more effective, the knowledge of blindspots formation mechanism is essential. I will talk about it in Part 6 of the series.

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