Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hypnosis: Transference


Transference is a problem faced by all helping professionals. This problem might not caused by you, but you can still be affected. No matter you are a therapist, coach, counsellor, trainer or even a manager.

If you don't understand this problem, you might find yourself confused or annoyed.

Your clients might project some positive qualities (you might not have them) onto you. This makes them thinking you are great. They like you or even love you. This is the Positive Transference. It seems good but all his/her perceptions about you are based on false assumptions. Sooner or later, they might "discover" the "truth" and then he/she might turn against you. He/she might attack you as they think you had cheated them, though you have done nothing all from the beginning. Your clients might even shifted into another form of Transference, the Negative Transference.

The Negative Transference is the opposite of the Positive Transference. They might project some negative qualities (again you might not have them) onto you. This makes them thinking you are bad, really bad.

You cannot do much about Transference. One of the precautions is to keep professional distance with your clients. But transference can still happen even though you take your precaution.

Just don't be happy too soon when you find your clients "like" you or don't be too upsetted when they "hate" you!