Friday, January 20, 2006

Hypnosis: Hypnosis is About Changes Part 1


I seldom write about hypnosis. So I decide to write several short articles about my concepts of hypnotherapy. This is Part 1 of the series.

Hypnosis is about changes. We want to change because we do not satisfy with something about ourselves. It can be a bad habit, an addiction, a weakness, or a psychosomatic disease. It is something we don't want, consciously. But we just can't get rid of it because there can be some sub-conscious reasons, Cause and/or Factors.

A Cause is something happened in the past that caused your "Problem". There must a cause to everything. This is simple logic. Factors are something that create the condition for your "Problem". You can change your "Problem" by working on your Cause and/or your Factors.

One thing you must bear in mind that your bad habit, an addiction, a weakness, or a psychosomatic disease is NOT your "Problem". It is just the Symptom or one of the Symptoms of your "Problem". Your "Problem" is that something behind the Symptoms. For example, people has an addiction to alcohol can be just a Symptom of feeling stressed (i.e. the "Problem"). If we just remove the Symptom, some other Symptom can appear (or the same Symptom reappears later) as the "Problem" is still there.

To summarize:

Cause -- Problem(s) -- Symptom(s)


To successfully change, we can work on the Cause, the Factors, and/or the "Problem" itself. Well-trained Hypnotherapists work on either of these. (I am talkig about working on the "Problem", not removing it. If you remove the "Problem", the Cause will just create another "Problem". I will talk about it in greater details in later articles)