Friday, January 13, 2006

Personal Development: Personal Cycles - Up & Down


Whether you notice it or not, we have cycles.

We go up and down within day, months, years or even decades. These up and down cycles are being affected by so many factors, inside and outside.

You might not be able to make yourself always high in the up-cycles. But we can be sensitive enough to be aware of their existence. Then you can make use of your cycles.

I am right now in my down-cycle. I am in doubt, boring moods. I am not quite productive. I always find myself very tired. I am slow in response. It is the best time for rest and reflection. We are in down-cycles because we used up our energy and there might be something that is pushing us down. Rest and Reflection are the keys to getting up again.

The more rest you get during these period, the more energy you can restore. The more insights you can get from your reflection, the more clarity about your situation you can gain.

Don't push yourself out of the down-cycle. You just make yourself even more "down", like drowning. The harder you push, the deeper you sink!

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Updated: Apr 11 2015