Tuesday, March 27, 2007

NLP: Article Written Years Ago - Dissociation for Awareness


This is my 6th re-published article on NLP that I have written years ago.

Dissociation for Awareness

This is a story about a prisoner.

The prisoner was so unhappy after sending to the prison that he refused to go out of his cell. Later he was too depressed and becoming very sick. He was forced out of his cell to the clinic.

On the way, he discovered the prison was surrounded by mountains. The sky is so blue and the mountain is so green. He wondered why he never aware of such beauties.

His life changed dramatically. He was still a prisoner, but he took a totally different attitude. He studied hard for not just one, but three college degrees, the bachelor, master and doctor within
his 10 years of imprisonment. He is now a very successful therapist helping lots of people day after day.

Let me explain a bit further. The cell is your mind. If you lock yourself inside your own cell, you can see nothing but the walls of your own prison. You can't see above, below and around yourself. You can aware of nothing, opportunities and threats.

Until you open the door (your mind?) and walk out of your cell, you then can have a complete view.

In NLP, we use dissociation to gain that awareness. When you are associated, you see from your own eyes, hear from your own ears. You can easily feel stuck. You lock yourself inside your own prison. By dissociation, you detach yourself from your body and see things in a much larger view.

When you feel yourself mentally stuck, do something different physically. We believe our mind and body are inter-linked. Shake your head and look around. Notice where you are. Notice every details in the room, on the desk, outside the windows, etc. You gradually drift yourself to the dissociated state where awareness appears.

When you are stuck with yourself or others, stand back and observe yourself and others. By doing this, you physically and mentally detach yourself.

Of course, if you find something interest or exciting, do associate with it and enjoy. It is really sad to detach from happiness while associate with frustration and disappointment.

(Keith 2007's Remark: Excel might be coming from "Ex" & "Cell", "Ex" = "out of")







直到你打開門(你的頭腦?),離開你的牢房,你才可以看到一幅完整的景象。在 NLP 中,我們使用抽離 (Dissociation)來獲取這種覺察,當你在聯繫 (Association)時,你從你自己的眼睛看事物,你從你的耳朵聽東西,你很容易就被膠著,動彈不得,你把自己鎖在自己的思想監獄裡面。通過抽離,你好像從自己的身體分離出去,以一個更大的角度看待事物。



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