Thursday, March 29, 2007

NLP: Article Written Years Ago - The Chair of Success


This is my 7th re-published article on NLP that I have wriiten years ago.

The Chair of Success

What make you successful?

Some people can tell but most can't. If you even don't know what make you successful, will it be possible to be really successful?

Your subconscious mind always knows what can help you successful. The following skill can help you to discover what you already know. This skill will reflect what's inside your subconscious.

Sit down and imagine yourself sitting on a chair. Each leg of the chair is an element making you successful. How many legs are needed for you sitting stable enough for success? One, two, three, four or more. How many exactly?

Now focus on the first leg of your chair. What is it? It can be anything. Just believe in your intuition. What comes to your mind now? Then, go to the second leg and ask again. Then the third, fourth and so on.

After you complete all the legs, imagine yourself sitting on your seat of success. How do you feel? Do you need adding or deleting any legs? Do you want to change any of the legs? Do you really want any of the leg, or do you really want this chair?


When you are completely satisfy with your chair, sit there for a minute. These are the elements for your success. What can you do with these elements? What can be done to enhance these
further? Then, imagine the sense of success going all the way from the chair to your body. Fill up your body with this sense of success. Enjoy it.

Next time when you feel stuck, imagine sitting on your chair ofsuccess and choices will come through to you.

Keith's 2007 Remark:

1. This is a typical application of the NLP Skills of Collecting Resources and Anchoring.

2. You can use this skill for anything else. It can also be a chair of job promotion, a chair of a good father, a chair of impressive public speaking, etc.

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