Friday, March 30, 2007

Making "ideas & Thoughts of Keith To" into a Database of All My Works


In the beginning of this year, I decided to enrich the content of this website, I want to put all my works, past, present and future into this blog so that everyone can read something about my ideas, thoughts, theories, concepts, "inventions", etc, if they want to.

My objective is to turn this website of "Ideas & Thoughts of Keith To" into a Database of Information. If you want information of NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, Facilitation, Development, etc, you can find some here.

Apart from just adding information to this site, I am adding various search functions in order to make accessing the information easier.

1. We have already have the "Labels" function. You can see a "Label" tag at the end of each article. For example, you will find an "Announcement" Label at the end of this article. If you click the link, all the past postings of announcement will be displayed.

2. There is a "Categories" function at the right hand side of the web-page. When you click the category link, all related articles in our database will be listed. I am making use of the Google Search Engine to do it. It is not perfect yet. Some of our older postings can't be found. I will learn how to improve it later this year.

3. I will add a "Training Programs Listing" function later. You can find all related training of mine there. Furthermore, I will write new articles more frequently and I will also add most of my older writings to the database. One of them is all my "Top 5 Tips" that I had written in the past 4+ years.

I am absolutely not a computer expert, so I will do all these slowly in 2007! Really wish you will enjoy all of the information and get something out of them!

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