Friday, March 30, 2007

Personal Development: 我的前提假設 2004-2006


既然發佈了今年的前提假設, 不如也把過去三年的也一併登出, 公諸同好:


1. Things naturally go Bad. 事情自然轉壞

2. You can Choose to live in, below or above the Matrix. 你可以選擇活在思維矩陣之中, 之下, 或之上

3. Discovering, Destroying, and then Designing your life Again is the way to keep Alive. 發現、破壞、重新設計你的生命, 就是生存之道

4. Consciousness starts when you see Yourself being Unconscious. 意識顯化由發現自己並未清醒開始

5. When you see the Connections amongst Information, you get Ideas. 當你發現資料中的關聯,你找到意念


1. See this year as 2010. 今年就是2010年

2. Innovation is not enough, we Re-Generate. 創新不足令你生存的,請重生概念

3. There are Signs everywhere! 訊號四處皆是!

4. You are Logical and so you are Creative. 你理性,所以你創新

5. Development builds from Awareness. 發展源自醒覺

6. You are what you look like, even though you are not. 你就是你的樣子,就算你不是


1. Selfishness is great! 自私其實是好的!

2. Communication is a spectrum of Discovery & Influence. 溝通是一個發現/影響頻譜

3. Don't believe in your eyes and your mind. 不要相信你的眼睛和思想

4. Knowing is not Knowledge. 知道不是知識

5. Things/People can be Awesome or Awful. 人/事可以是好, 可以是壞

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