Saturday, March 10, 2007

NLP: Article Written Years Ago - The Super Stupid NAC


Years ago, I wrote an articles series on some simple NLP Skills. I don't think I can write these again, as I had already shifted my focus from NLP Skills to the NLP Modeling Process itself.

These skills are simple, but effective. I am going to re-publish these articles in the coming posts. Here is my first one: The Super Stupid NAC.

NAC is a very powerful tool invented by Anthony Robbins. It stands for Neuro Associative Conditioning. Actually it is a combination of another 2 powerful NLP skills, Anchor and
Toward & Away From Profile.

The basic concept of NAC is simple. What motivate you to do something is either you love the result of doing it (Toward the Target Profile) or you hate the result of not doing it (Away From
Profile). Then we relate the good results to the doing of the job and relate the bad results to not doing the job. In NLP terms, we "anchor" the feelings to doing and not doing.

When I designed a new workshop called the Subconscious Body Reshaping recently, I designed a simplified, rather stupid, but very effective version of NAC. You will be surprise how
simple the procedure is.

Write down 10 results you don't like if you do not take the action you want to. Then write down 10 results you like if you really take the action.

Then everyday, for 21 days, write down the following on a piece of blank paper.

I don't want to not doing XXX because I don't want to …… (write down your first set of the 10 results)

I want to do XXX because I want to …… (write down your second set of the 10 results)

That's it.

It is simple and stupid, isn't it? Yes and it works every time I do it. The key point is that you must commit yourself to do it for consecutive 21 days and watch for the result coming.

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