Sunday, March 11, 2007

NLP: Article Written Years Ago - The Prosperity Swish


This is the 3rd re-published article on NLP that I have written years ago.

The Prosperity Swish

Do you want to prosper and be wealthy?

I think most of you will say "Yes", but how many of you are really prosper and wealthy. Don't tell me that you are wealthy at heart.

I am talking about the actual wealth, that's money.

Many people just don't give themselves the permission to prosper. This is one of the most common reason for so many people can't be as wealthy as they wish.

Think about what success and prosperity mean to you. How do you think about successful people? Do you believe successful people are rotten or bad? If you have a negative belief about
success, prosperity or wealth, you are just stopping yourself from getting the wealth coming to you.

Yes, wealth really automatically comes to whom who welcome it. According to statistics, if we evenly divide the world's money to everyone in the world, all of us get million of dollars.

Give yourself permission to prosper!

If you are the one who wants more wealth but can't, try the simple skill below. I promise that you will see the result very fast, might be days or weeks. But if you are the one who can get
what you want, don't do it. It will simply reverse the effect.

Visualize yourself becoming really wealthy. Observe in great details all the sub-modalities of your picture. That is, how large is your picture? Where is its location? How bright is it? How
clear is it? Is it black and white or in color? Is it close to you or far away? Is it a still picture or like a movie? Is the movement fast, slow or normal?

Then reverse all the sub-modalities of this original picture. Enlarge the picture if it is small, or vice versa. If it is located at lower than eye level, pull it up. If it is dim, brighten it. If it is B &
W, change it into color, etc, etc.

Continue to visualize this new picture and remember every details of this new picture. This is your Picture of Prosperity. While you are visualizing this new picture, draw whatever
comes to your mind, whether it is a symbol, a word, or a picture onto a paper.

Thinking of both your picture in your mind and the picture on the paper at the same time. Try it, you can do it.

Put this picture onto the place where you can see everyday.

Every night, before you go to sleep, take a look at this picture and visualize your Picture of Prosperity. 5 minutes a day is OK.

Be prepared to see the result's coming.

Remember, give yourself permission to prosper!

(Of course, if what you want is not prosperity, you can still use this techique by just replacing with the picture of what you want! Might be a slim body or a family of great harmony.)

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