Thursday, March 15, 2007

NLP: Article Written Years Ago - How to Achieve Your Goals?


This is the 5th re-published article on NLP that I have written years ago.

How to Achieve Your Goals?

Millions of people had talked about setting and achieving goals. But still millions of people can't succeed.


One of the reasons is we always wrongly educate our sub-conscious mind.

I had once seen a lady who wish to loss weight by pasting a picture of a really fat woman on the door of her fridge. According to her, the picture is used to remind her not to over-eat or else she will become as fat as the one in the picture.

What is the result?

She gained weight 20 pound after 2 months.

Again, why?

That picture really does the work well. It serves as a reminder to her sub-conscious mind to make her becoming just like the woman in the picture.

Our sub-conscious mind is just like a gigantic baby. He is powerful and straightforward. He will perform anything if you keep on telling him to do so.

So set up a positive goal. If you want to achieve something, put a picture of what you want in front of you. Then you are educating your sub-conscious towards your goals.

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