Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Personal Development: Individuation is Self-Realization


I talked about the Individuation Process of Jung in last week. Jung's Individuation Process is actually the process of Self-Realization. Through understanding one's Persona, Ego, Shadow and Anima/Animus, one meets his/her true Self.

Understanding is done by realizing who you are NOT!

When you realize that you are not who you consciously and unconsciously think you are, the only thing remaining is who you really are. What a smart way to understand ourselves!

On the way to our Self-Realization, with each block being removed, we are one step clearer about ourselves.

Being stuck is trapping in a cycle. Development means leaving your present cycle and go on to another, better cycle until we meet our true Self. It is just like a T-shirt in a washing machine. One must first realize that he/she is a t-shirt before one can come out of the machine.

There might be many ways to Self-Realization, but Jung left us a Systemic Blueprint of the process.