Friday, December 08, 2006

Freudian & Jungian Psychology


In this week's Mental Symbology Class, I predicted in the next 10 years, less and less people will talk about Freud's theories, and more and more people will talk about Jung's and Jung will be "in" again.

Both people's theories are not quite "in" today. But their "non-in" are due to different reasons.

Comparatively speaking, Freudism is easier to be understand, but difficult to be accepted (Everything is about Sex?!). Jungism is much more difficult but easier to be accepted.

Jung's ideas are difficult because he was too avant-garde. He was several decades (or even a century) ahead of his own time. His ideas will be "in" again as they have a lot of resemblance with the modern knowledge, like quantum physics. People are going to value his ideas again in the near future.

However, Freud based a lot of his original ideas from Newtonian Physics, which is proven not quite right today. I am not saying Freud's ideas are bad. I always think that Freudism is the foundation of modern psychology (though not many psychologists will agree!).

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