Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NLP: 4 Key Elements of NLP Modeling


Modeling is central to NLP.

Actually, all the models and skills of NLP are the results of modeling. Modeling is the study of how others doing something. Then everyone can learn from the models.

Is all kinds of modeling NLP Modeling?


There should be 4 key elements of NLP Modeling:

1. There is a structure of thinking behind the actions performed. i.e. the actions are not at random.

2. The process/pattern of acting can be identified and described.

3. The suspension of any taxonomic and/or analytic attempt to understand consciously the model during the assimilation stage of modeling and until the modeler can successfully reproduce the process. (This element is from John Grinder, co-founder of NLP)

4. If the modeling is accurate, people learning from the model can achieve a similar level of performance, provided that he/she meets certain essential requirements and under similar context. For example, if it is a jumping model of a 6.5 feet person with professional equipment, a 4.5 feet person without any equipment might not be able to achieve similar performance even he/she is adopting such model.

NLP Modeling is not superior than other forms of modeling, like Analytic Modeling. But NLP is about NLP Modeling!