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Hypnosis: Hypnosis is About Changes, Part 7 - 3 Levels of Mind Model


This article is specially written for participants and graduates of our Master Hypnotherapist Program. The concept below is quite different from that of what we taught in our Certified Hypnotherapist Program. For particpants of the latter, please refer to Part 0 and Part 1-6 of this article series to prevention confusion.

We have several different hypnotic techniques taught in our Certified Hypnotherapist Program and Master Hypnotherapist Program. This article is written to clarify our 3 Levels of Mind Model, which is the fundamental concepts behind their applications.

For any psychosomatic disease and unwanted behaviours, there are always some causes behind.

For example, you have an Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) of being cheated by your boy friend (or girl friend or whatever...). You develop a Mental Program (i.e. Belief or Beliefs System) of "Men are Bad and They must be Avoided" (Men = Bad -> Avoid). Some Subsequent Sensitizing Events (SSE) can be "attracted" to you. Since you have a Mental Program of "Men = Bad", you filtered off all the "good" men and/or good acts of men. As a result, you can only see all those bad men and bad acts of men. These SSEs reinforced your Mental Program of "Men = Bad -> Avoid"

This Mental Program then creates your Problem. We can't "see" our Problem because it is just a "Non-Matching" of your behaviors with the outside world. Your Mental Program urges you to do something which can be irrational. These irrational acts cause "conflicts" in the outside world so that you think you had a Problem.

The Problem can then create various Symptoms that might annoy you. You might feel very lonely (since half of the population, i.e. men is being avoided). You might not be able to find a boy friend. You might find yourself always having problems with your bosses (many bosses are men, this still are quite true today). You might having not enough business (many clients are men, half of the population?!), etc. These Symptoms can be so unrelated to each others that it is difficult to tell that they all came from the same Problem.

Not all ISE or SSEs can generate Problem. There must have some suitable Factor(s) of the Problem that creates a fostering condition for the Problem to emerge. Not all the Problems can generate Symptom(s), there must have some suitable Factor(s) of the Symptoms that creates a fostering condition for the Symptom to emerge.

So the ISE or SSEs can have no effect on you for years but it starts to produce Problem all of a sudden because one or some Factors of the Problem kick in. For the same reason, a Problem can generate different kinds of Symptoms at different time of your life, when different Factors of Symptoms comes and goes.

Now, let's go back to our 3 Levels of Mind Model.

Level 1 Mind is the Conscious Level. You are aware of your "Problem", but that actually is the Symptom of your underlying Problem. As the Problem can create Symptoms that are so "unrelated", Your Level 1 Conscious Mind can't figure out that they are coming from the same Problem. You might think that you have several different problems. Even though you are open enough to discuss your "problem" with your friends or therapists, you might just tell them just one of the Symptoms since your Level 1 Mind considers them as seperate issues.

When we do our Pre-Talk in hypnosis, it can be better to use a "Time" Oriented Approach, i.e. what happened also at and since the Symptom appeared, instead of a "Nature" Oriented Approach. The information get from this Level 1 Mind during Pre-Talk can be limited, but it forms the basis for our first set of Hypnotic Suggestions. This can be useful as they are pinpointing the Symptom or the intention of the client's visit. These suggestions, when effective, generate confidence, rapport, and thus support and cooperation from the client. This is just the Step 1 of our Therapeutic Intervention.

If there is a Symptom, there is always a Problem. If we can't remove the Problem, it can still generate some other Symptoms. Remember what we taught in class, a Problem has some Objectives. The Symptoms are its means to achieve its Objectives. In the above example, not getting a boy friend is the means to achieve the objective of avoiding the "bad" men. Apart from other Symptoms might be created, even though she can find a boy friend after your suggestions, she might get a "bad" boy friend and causes her some other troubles. It might harm more than help! (Systemic/Holistic Hypnotherapy Rule #1: First do no harm!)

So we go to our Step 2 by accessing the client's Level 2 Non-Conscious Mind. Most of our beliefs or Mental Programs, and the Problem created by mental programs are quite unconscious to us. They are not in the Level 1 Conscious Mind. We help the clients to be aware of their Problem & Mental Programs by using the hypnotic skills of Inner Guide (IG), Inner Healer (IH) or Communicating with Disease (CD). All these skills do not go very deep. They are only capable in accessing into our Level 2 Non-Conscious Mind. We can also use our Master Hypnotherpaist skillset of Hypnotic Uncovering Technique (UT) in this level.

The Problem will be revealed in form of Advises from the IG or IH, or the Causes, Meanings and Objectives of Disease from the CD. When the Source of the Problem (ISE) is not very painful, the Mental Programs and Problem can be found in the Level 2 Mind, thus can be revealed by IG, IH or CD. Most of the Problems can be solved in this Level 2 Mind.

When there is not much being revealed in this Level 2 Mind, or when there is negative emotions revealed here, we then go to our Step 3, Level 3 Non-Conscious Mind, which is a deeper part of our Non-Conscious Mind.

If the Problem is so repressed deep into a Non-Conscious Mind, not much can be revealed in Level 2 by IG, IH, CD or UT. When negative emotion is associated, the Problem will be repressed deeper as a protective mechanism according to Freud. We just can't live with the negative emotions in our daily lives.

To access the Source of these kinds of Problems in the Level 3 Mind, we use the hypnotic Skills of Inner Regression (IR), Age Regression (AR) or ES Therapy (ES) when no negative emotion is indicated. But we can also apply IR or AR, Inner Communciation (IC) or Forgiveness Therapy (FT), Inner Mediation (IM) or ES according to the types of negative emotion revealed in Level 2 Mind.

When the Source is being revealed, reviewed, and re-understand, the effects of the Source are dissolved and the Mental Program (Beliefs) of the Problem is restructured. The Problem is thus cleared. When the Problem does not exist, all its related Symptoms disappear.

Sometimes, we can't do anything with the Problem and/or the Source, or we are not successful even employing all our skills (this is a fact of life - we have limits), what we can do is either altering the Factors of the Problem or the Symptoms using hypnosis or physically by the clients, or to lower the effects of the Symptoms.

For example, in the above example, the client can change her field into selling female products or find a female boss. This alters the Factors. In case of Psychosomatic Diseases, we can use the hypnotic skills of Golden SunRay (GS) or Colour Healing (CH) to lower the effects of the Symptoms, like pains.

This concludes my final article in this series. The whole series of articles outlined our SOBER System of non-invasive Hypnotherapy. Hoping they create more clarity to our participants of the program.

Thanks again for your support to these articles and to our programs.

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