Friday, December 22, 2006

Announcement: 10 Years as Trainer


2007 is my 10th year as trainer. It is also my 10th year working together with Mr. John Lau and the St. James Settlement!

I started as a trainer in 1997. I enjoyed very much as a trainer in the past 10 years. I enjoyed very much working with Mr. John Lau and his colleagues. I enjoyed very much learning with all the participants in the programs.

I enjoy so much about sharing of information with others that I had designed more than 1,000 hours of training programs in the past 10 years.

I am planning to do 10 things to celebrate my 10 years as a trainer in 2007.

1. I will continue to deliver more High-Quality Free Programs and I am planning to add even some more. Some of them can be found at More will be added!

2. I am planning to relaunch one of my very first programs, Subconscious Re-engineering in 2007. You can see some information about it at The information is not updated. I will update it later in 2007.

3. I will write my 6th book with John Lau in my 10th year - 2007. This is going to be Part 1 of my 3rd Trilogy. (Though I haven't completed my last book in my 2nd Trilogy. I will do it in 2008!) This new book is about my thoughts and ideas in my Stage 3 Thinking. It is a book about Blind Spots. Unlike my last 5 books, it is not for easy-reading. There will be a lot of in-depth material inside!

4. I am going to re-design the Integration Module of NLP Practitioner Program in March 2007. If you are one of our past graduates, come and learn some new stuff. I am going to tell you something about NLP you might never hear of. (Of course you do not need to pay anything to re-sit the program if you are already our graduates. This is our promise of Life-Long Support to you!)

5. I will also re-design the Certified Hypnotherapist Program. It started as a 60-hours training many years ago and now it would be upgraded and expanded into a 102-hours program in 2007. I am going to make it even better!

6. I am going to complete the new article series of "NLP is about Thinking" in the coming few months so that everybody can understand better this wonderful methodology of thinking.

7. I will rework this in 2007. I am going to add hundreds of articles to it. My plan is to make it one of the most comprehensive infobase of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Development in Hong Kong.

8. There will also be reworking of the This website provides audio recordings download of some of my training programs. I will expand the database in 2007. I will include recordings of all my core concepts in it.

9. Have you already subscribed to our Daily Quote for Your Soul? Every day you will receive a great quote together with my coaching question so that you can seek inspiration by yourself. Just send a blank email to to subscribe.

I will launch the Daily Quote for Your Business in 2007. It starts on Jan 1. Just like Daily Quote for Your Soul, it is a quotes delivery service specially for people in business field. Just send a blank email to to subscribe.

10. I will insist on my Single Only Purpose of being a trainer in the remaining years of my trainer's life. I have just one purpose in mind for being a trainer: Helping more people to help more people! It is not just about you and me. It is about more people can be benefited when we learn and implement something useful and valuable!

Thanks again to all your support to me in the past 10 years. I am 110% sure that I learned more from you than you learned from me. Thanks very much!

BTW, Merry X'mas and Happy New Year!

Explore, Exceed & Excel

P.S. Special thanks to John Lau. Nothing can be compared to John's help, support and friendship in the past 10 years!