Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coaching: AID Coaching Model


3 years ago in 2003, I liked to teach my NLP Practitioner Program participants how to coach others in a easy and fast manner, if one has just 3 or 4 minutes. So, I created the AID Model by modeling my own self when I do some quick coaching.

This is based on a logical thinking process. When you ask the questions accordingly, you are facilitating the clients to think logically. Most of the time we can't figure out an answer because we are not logical enough. (Logical not Linear!)

Here is the model:

Actions: What happened?
Influences: How did these affect the situation?
Desirable Alternative: How to improve the situation?

We stucked in getting a solution, mightbe due to we do not know exactly what happened, or we do not understand its effects. When one gets the first 2 questions thoroughly answered, it will be much easier for one to answer the 3rd question.

Try it!

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