Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Writings on NLP & Hypnosis


Few days ago, one of our friends asked me why I do not write anything on NLP & Hypnosis. To him, it is really strange as I am an NLP & Hypnosis Trainer.

I printed out all articles I had written before and asked him to re-read them once more. They are all NLP & Hypnosis stuff, but they are just not being NLP & Hypnotic skills only.

From a macro (or even meta) point of view, NLP is the study of how people think and Hypnosis is the reprogramming of our subconscious thinking to make changes. From this point of view, all my writings are NLP and/or Hypnosis. I just step out of the frame of NLP & Hypnotic skills only.

There are so many writings on the skills. I read so many books that are just repeating what those NLP founders and co-developers' writings. It is a waste of time writing and reading these stuff. Then I stopped writing "skills". I will write again if I discover something really new and useful.

Know your frames and move out of them! This is what a real NLPer does.