Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Personal Development: The Matthew Effect


Yesterday, I did one of my best presentations of the past few years, the Matthew Effect.

The Matthew Effect is the well-known "The Rich Gets Richer, and the Poor Gets Poorer" effect. My version of the Matthew Effect is "The Strong Gets Stronger, and the Weak Gets Weaker".

You like it or not, the Matthew Effect is there silently operating behind you. Rather than complaining about being rip-off by the Strong, it is better to be the Strong myself.

I had mentioned 12 Basic Principles of the Matthew Effect in the presentation. The single most important one is being "Always Half-a-Step Ahead of Others".

Why half-a-step ahead?

1. Less Competitions. Being ahead, you can get whatever you can find and want when others still not discover them yet. There is much less competition and the cost of getting is small.

2. Always Ahead. Being half-a-step is easier than one full step. Even though you are just a little bit ahead of others, you are always ahead when everybody is moving at the same speed.

3. Attracts Appreciation. Being half-a-step ahead makes yourself more easily accepted by others. It is not too advanced. More people can appreciate you, your products and/or your service.

Why not start being ahead right now!

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