Tuesday, October 25, 2005

NLP: 49 Days Non-Stop


This is my 23rd day of non-stop working since 3 weeks ago.

As I had rescheduled some of my training programs earlier this year, I need to work 49 days non-stop in these 2 months. There are still 26 days to come!

49 days!!! Everyday I need to conduct training, meet clients, and do my writings.

During the first 2 weeks, I felt terrible and exhausted. Because all these are works! Then I do some shifting in my perception. If I still see these are works, how can I go through all my 49 miserable days?

Furthermore, I like doing training, seeing clients and writing. That's why I choose this career. It is only the "49 non-stop days" that make me feeling terrible.

Many great people retreat for days, weeks, and months as a form of 修煉. I can see my 49 days also being a form of 修煉. I will review, re-understand, refine all the material I am going to present in these 49 days. The result can be some much improved training programs and more in-depth knowledge for myself. I feel great again instantly.

Change your perception, change your feeling and results. This wisdom is age-old, but it always works, at least for me.


P.S. Yes, this is Reframing. When we can't change something, change how we see it!