Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Learning From Life: #1 - #5


The best teacher is always your life experience. But usually we do not learn from them! Here I like to start a "Learning from Living My Life Movement". I will record some significiant learnings from each week of my life.

These are just my own learnings. They might not be the truth. I just wish to inspire you to do the same for yourself. Start learning from your life and yourself. This is what I always talk about - Self-Awareness.

I will go on with this "Learning from Living My Life Movement" until I reach my 499 learnings. Hope you like these.

1. No matter how much you care, some people will think that you do not care about them!

2. I can't make people (including myself) change until they understand why they need to change.

3. I must be honest to myself. There can be "good lies" to others, but there is no "good lies" to oneself.

4. People are intelligent enough to solve their own problems, if they know what is the problem.

5. People should treat us bad. Majority of the people cares most about themselves. When someone treat me great, this is a bonus of life!