Friday, October 21, 2005

Judge Before Think!


Today, I confirm again one of my findings. One of the most common causes for failure is making judgment before thinking.

I know someone who is very well-educated, but never quite successful in life. I always think that it is just because of bad luck. Today, I got the real answer.

I have a meeting with my friend today. He comes across some new information. Immediately he ignores the information and says that there are nothing new there. But there are!

Out of curiosity, I challenge his judgment. After our discussion, we discovered the reason for his judgment. The only reason he comes to his judgment is that the information looks like old stuff. He stops seeing and thinking after his judgment. How can he improve in such a manner?

This is the most common way to create blindspots for ourselves - Judging before Thinking. Then we stop thinking forever!

Lesson Learned: Think before making any judgment!