Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NLP is NOT about NLP Skills


This is a new article written by me. It is about the Top 10 NLP Skills. See if you know them all. If you interest in NLP Skills, these are the most effective ones that you can use them again and again.

I have not been focusing on NLP Skills for years. But I still always use these 10 skills to help myself unstuck and improve.


NLP is NOT about NLP Skills
By Keith To

NLP Skills are the results of NLP. Those developers “invented” these skills through applying NLP. NLP is the study of people’s thinking programs, which in turn affect how we do, speak and think. NLP is the Core while NLP Skills are the accessories.If you still want NLP Skills, here are the Top 10 NLP Skills. These are all you need. Nearly all other NLP skills are modification of these skills.

1. RapportPacing Qualities of Voice (Echoing: speed, tone, and volume), VAK (Matching), and/or Posture and Movement (Mirroring). Remember the objective of Pacing is Leading. Try Leading whenever you find you are already in rapport with others.

2. Fast Phobia Cure – Remove your Fears by Dissociation, Rewinding, Changing Submodalities.

3. Association & Dissociation – Association with what you want and Dissociate from what you don't want. Associate to get the feeling and Dissociate to get the information.

4. Swish Pattern – Work on "Bad" Experience, Thoughts, Habits or even Beliefs. The swish it away with your new Image.

5. Anchoring – Feel the feeling of the Resources and Anchor it. Use it later if that resource is needed.

6. Changing Submodalities – Recall the Pictures of what annoys you (experience, thoughts, beliefs), change the submodalities to make the relief.

7. Perceptual Positions – Walk into 2nd & 3rd Position to understand the situation more.

8. Aligning Logical Levels – Walk up your Levels to understand more about your situation in each level. Walk down again to integrate your new learning. Use when you want to explore more about some projects and plans.

9. Circle of Excellence – Put the Resources on floor. Bring it back by visualizing it again.

10. Reframing
Meaning Reframing – What can be the other meaning of this situation?
Context Reframing – What situations can this be useful?