Monday, December 03, 2007

NLP: 2 Matrix in Your Mind


The Trilogy of the Matrix Movies provides us a great insight: We are all living in a Matrix. It is NOT Real!

It is not "We" controlling ourselves but our Matrix of Thoughts controlling us! A Matrix causes us confusion as there are layers and layers of stuff there interlinking and interacting.

Even worse, there are more than ONE Matrix in our Mind. There are 2 Matrix there!

1. The Matrix of our Thoughts & Feelings. That's our Inner World (腦內世界). Our thoughts and feelings are the distorted, deleted and generalized version of the Outer World of Reality, i.e. they are not reality.

Furthermore, we do not just think or feel. We think our thoughts, we feel our feelings, we think our feelings and we feel our thoughts and which in turn creating even more unreal thoughts and feelings! It is a Matrix!

2. The Matrix of our Beliefs, Values & Rules (our Filters). It is our Filters that distort, delete and generalize the Outer World of Reality into our Inner World of Unreal Thoughts and Feelings.

Individual Belief, Value, & Rule do not exists independently. They influence each others to create even more Filters. Our Values influence our selection of Beliefs and Rules under different situations. They also create our Beliefs and Rules. Our Beliefs and Rules interacts to form more Beliefs and Rules.

Furthermore, our Beliefs and Rules interpret the Reality to form Experience, which in turn alters existing or create new Beliefs and Rules. They also affect our States, which influence our selection of Beliefs and Rules to apply.

This complex system of Filters distorts, deletes and generalizes our Matrix of Thoughts & Feelings to a even greater extent. It is a Matrix!

The whole idea of NLP is to Catch our Matrix. Identity them, verify them and change them consciously in order to make ourselves Living Consciously!

To catch our Matrix, we need to stand above and beyond them, or we are living unconsciously inside our own Matrix!

That is the ultimate meaning of "Meta"!

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