Thursday, December 13, 2007

Concepts Behind My Programs: Holistic Hypnotherapy & Trance-Formation


Holistic Hypnotherapy & Trance-Formation is one of the modules of the Certified Hypnotherapist Program.

Its very core idea is seeing more to see what something really is. Behind this program, there are 3 concepts:

1. Whole is more than Parts. Once you realize such, this opens up so many more locations to intervene. This in turn creates Choices and thus Flexibility.

2. Everything exists with a Purpose. When the Purpose changes, it changed. When the Purpose does not need to exist, it vanished.

3. When one knows what Trance really is, one do not need Induction to induce Trance. When one know what something really is, one do not need the "Proper" Procedure!

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